The Lord’s Vineyard Ministries International start as The Lord’s Vineyard Fellowship, a name revealed to me, from the premises of the St. Theresa‘s Preparatory School at North Kaneshie in the year 1986, with the founder and general oversea still a full member of and maintaining fellowship with the Assemblies of God , Ghana.

The year 1988 saw the move of the fellowship to Madina Central Assemblies of God than to The Charity Assemblies of God at Adenta. The Lord’s Vineyard Fellowship became the evangelism wing of the Charity Assemblies of God Church and in partnership with other churches such as the Presbyterian Church of Ghana and the Methodist Church of Ghana engaged on a project of evangelizing the whole Ghana. The Lord Vineyard fellowship used both indoor and outdoor crusades to evangelize throughout the whole of Ghana, West Africa, Africa, Europe, Canada, and America.

The main messages preached while on the evangelism move were the Birth of Jesus Christ; the Work of Jesus Christ on earth; The Death of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The Lord’s Vineyard Fellowship was officially released by the Assemblies of God of Ghana with the blessing to start a full ministry. This led to the coming of the Vineyard Chapel International out of the Lord’s Vineyard Ministries International. In 2000 the founder and general overseer, Bishop Samuel Vagalas Kanco was ordained by Reverend Harry Insaidoo, a former Assistant General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Ghana.

God has used the ministry to saving many people all over the world. The Vineyard Chapel International is the fastest growing church in the world with branches all over the world.

Jesus is Lord.